Doge Shiebe Meme Drawing lesson. Learn How to Draw


How to Draw Doge Shibe Meme Step-by-Step Drawing Lesson

Doge is a slang word associated with a Shiba Inu dog called Shibe what became a meme on the internet. If you would like to learn how to draw it follow along our step-by-step tutorial. So, are you ready? Let’s get started!

Doge Meme Step 1:


1. Let’s make a circle which will give the base of Shibe’s head.

Step 2:


2. Draw one vertical line through the middle of the circle and also one-one on each side of this line. Draw one horizontal line on the top of the circle, another one at the upper 1/3 and the lower 1/3. Make one last horizontal line just above the circle crossing the vertical lines. Look at the picture above if you need clarification.

Step 3:


3. For the nose draw two connected curved lines between the two guidelines. On the top of it make a shield looking shape for Doge’s nose. Connect the two lines underneath. It will give the mouth of it. And a last line underneath which will form the face of Shiba Inu.

Step 4:


4. As moving along we draw the pointy ears on the top of the head. Looking at the picture carefully, you can see that the one on the right is slightly bigger than the other since the drawing is a bit turned sideways. Draw the left eye above the nose, and the right one on the other side a bit bigger and more like an almond shape. As you can see on the photo I used another guideline so again I can make the drawing more realistic in the space. Add a curved line in the eye which will form the pupil of it. The lowest horizontal line under the head will be the base of Shibe’s chubby neck. Just connect it with two lines coming down from the two sides of the head.

Step 5:


5. As you can see Shibe has different colour of hair on its face. Therefore we separate the patterns with lines as you see it above the photo and also in the tutorial video. For the last touch add the eyebrows so the funny cute face will be whole.

Step 6:


7. Before colouring we will do the contouring. If you’re not sure what to couture and what to leave check the photo above or the tutorial video. Erase all what is left. If you’re finished move to our final step.

Step 7:


7. As the last step we’ll bring the Doge alive by colouring it. You can use the colours I use as a sample or use any colour or techniques (crayons, markers or even line art for colouring digitally). It wasn’t that hard after all, was it? Please, don’t forget to send me the photo of your drawing so I can put it on the Facedrawer Facebook page. Thanks for drawing with Facedrawer.

How to Draw Doge Step by Step Infographic: