How to Draw Omega Flowey from Undertale Step by Step Art Lesson


Learn How to Draw Omega Flowey from Undertale Step by Step

Omega Flowey is a very interesting character in the Undertlae. Other name is Photoshop Flowey, God Flowey or Flowey X). Use the video and step by step drawing instructions below to learn how to draw God Flowey.

Learn How to Draw Omega Flowey from Undertale Step 1

1. Okay, first draw a simple circle for the head, and a rectangle like so. Move the step two.

Step 2.


2. Add the ractangle details like the picture. It looks like a tv. Move the next step.

Step 3.


3. Draw right next an oval shape for the eyes. And draw left next the oval. Add the eyes detailes.

Step 4.



4. Draw two sideways triangle for the jaws. And add a few little sharp triangle for the teeth.

Step 5.


5. Sketch two arcs left and right.

Step 6.


6. Then draw two little arcs left and right.

Step 7.


7. In the upper arcs draw the eyes like so.

Step 8.


8. Add a weavy shape in the circle of centre for the nose and draw two nostril. They look like two grape seed. If you got it, move to step 9.