How to Draw Sans from Undertale Step by Step Drawing Lesson


Learn How to Draw Sans from Undertale Step by Step.

Sans is a short skeleton main character from Undertale. Use the tutorial video and this steps below to learn how to draw this character.
Start off with a pencil sketch. Use light, smooth strokes for sketching.

Sans from Undertale Drawing Lesson Step 1


1. Okay, start by drawing a circle and a vertical line across the circle for the face guide line. Move the step two.

Step 2.


2. Draw a horizontal guide line and the sketch of the jaw. Move the next step.

Step 3.



3. Now add one triangle, like arrow. This is nose.

Step 4.


4. Now draw guides for Sans eyes by drawing one rounded and one oval shapes. And draw the eyebrow like so.

Step 5.


5. Under the eyes, draw a guide for Sans mouth. The shape of the mouth is similar to a cucumber.

Step 6.


6. Draw a ear. This is a simple wawy line. Go to the step 7.